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Cancer Treatment Side Effects & Detoxing Your Body

This week I received a phone call from a breast cancer survivor that was very concerned because she had competed her chemotherapy seven months ago and she was having a return of  "chemonails" (brittle, thinning, tearing and painful) that she had experienced during chemo.  She was also having an increase in her neuropathy (tingling and numbness) in her feet.  she was so worried and wanted to know who she should consult. I was able to spend some time discussing with her what the medical profession calls "late and long-term" effects.  

The side effects that often accompany chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal and biological therapies do not just occur during treatment.  Each survivor is very different in the way their body detoxes after treatment.  The side effects from these treatments including fatigue, neuropathy, cardio-toxicity (damage to the heart), chemobrain (mental fogginess), muscle weakness, insomnia, balance problems and more can occur weeks, months and even years after treatment.  The most common cause is that the toxins left over in the body from chemotherapy and radiation can have detrimental effects later if the body is not detoxed effectively.

Of course she was very interested in how she could start detoxing her body. Our body detoxes through the lungs (breathing), skin (sweating), lymphatic system and kidneys (urination), colon (defecation). Detoxing is essential to prevent late and long-term effects of cancer treatment.

I was so happy to share with her that at Center for Survivorship, we have had an overwhelming request for a detox program to kick start the system- and we are going to do just that. Keep an eye out for details on our upcoming Detox Program or contact us today at!

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