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Oncology Rehabilitation Special Interest Group- MPTA

We did it!! The Michigan Physical Therapy Association Fall Meeting was this week. The membership voted to create an "Oncology Rehabilitation Special Interest Group".  This is very exciting as Oncology Rehabilitation has grown so large in the state that it is now recognized as a specialty area of our profession.   

Here is the statement from MPTA:

"Oncology Rehabilitation is a rapidly growing specialty among physical therapists in the state of Michigan. Cancer Survivors experience many challenges with the occurrence of multiple side effects and adverse events from the treatments for cancer. Physical Therapists are essential and one of the most qualified health professions to treat those side effects.  Oncology Rehab programs are currently at all different levels of development throughout Health care Organizations and Outpatient clinics throughout Michigan. "

We believe that an Onlogy  Rehalitation ecial Interest Group will increase communication and collaboration achieving three goals:

1.       Increase quality of life for cancer survivors throughout the continuum of care.

2.       Increase awareness and evidence of practice to health care professionals andministrators to increase referrals for oncology rehab and facilitate the development of more oncology rehabilitation programs.

3.       Advocate for our profession to bring more awareness to the public about the role of physical therapy from the moment of diagnosis and throughout the survivorship continuum of care.